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Author:  garymagno110 [ Mon Aug 05, 2019 5:01 pm ]
Post subject:  ANIME MERCH

Hi all,

A lot of my friends who are into anime also buy merch. They will get hats, or backpack, T-shirts.. all the good stuff that shows what they are about, and who they adore. I'm more of a closet nerd. I like to keep that to myself, when I'm meeting someone in person. SO, while I don't wear any anime T's or hats, or backpacks... I love me some plushies... Now this season of Fruits Basket has definitely made sure that I'll be buying their plushies, since it seems the 2nd ED has basically turned every character into an adorable little plushy character (just for me ^_^)

Also, as the title implies, which do you like better? Boy anime characters or girl anime characters? And why do you like them better? What is it about their attributes that makes you prefer them? Try to check contents online to give you clearer answer.

I really prefer boy anime characters- for the most part. There are some exceptions, especially when it comes to girl characters out of traditional norms, such as in Claymore.

I feel that I connect better with the boy characters in the way they feel and express their emotions. To me, anime girls are over dramatic and I’m not like that at all, so it doesn’t really appeal to me as much. There are definitely exceptions to the rule with girl characters, but I find the majority to be pretty clearly “girly” for lack of a better word.


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