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 Post subject: The Arena Mk.2
PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:53 am 
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Back when I first roamed this Forum, there was this RP that I created that people enjoyed. This roleplay was called "The Arena" and the basis of it was that everyone made a character to fit their role of gladiator, they get one signature weapon, a specific outfit of their choice and what not, and finally, they are pushed out into the arena, and fight other people in a text based battle.

Now the rules are pretty similar, but I would like to make more structural change.


Every character is allowed one weapon, and it can't be some godly omfg amazingsauce weapon.

Everyone is allowed one character at a time, but you can come back into the fight after your character has died as a new character.[/color

[color=#80FF80]Once you begin fighting someone, your posts must contain one action and one dialogue at least and Please try to keep the posts skillful, I.E. good grammar, correct spelling etc. etc.

You are allowed to give your character special abilities, but nothing crazy. Crazy being invincible, or stupidly resistant to things.

You can be anything, Human, Elf, Anthropomorphic species, Gnome, Potato, I don't care, as long as it makes sense.

You must provide a visual representation of what you look like, or a kick ass description of your character for roleplaying purposes.

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!! ~~~ No fucking Godmodding. Ever.

Now that the business end is away. Time for the SIGN UP SHEET!!!

Fill this out in a response and you will be added to the beginning post and what not.

Character Name:
Character Age:
Character species: ( Human, elf, Anthro, dwarf, etc. )
Character Weapon:
Character description: ( Pictures are fine in this spot )
Character backstory: ( For your own purposes )
Character special ability:

Have at it! <3

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